Sunday, May 23, 2010

welcome home

hmmmm, yes, I have arrived back to the "fertile" lands of the Island of Staten, where I was conceived and raised. It is warmer here and more humid than West Coast for sure. I miss Berkeley all ready. I have gotten so use to the weather out there that it still shocks me when I come home. Home? This place I use to live doesn't feel like home any more to me. I don't resonate with this land. However I do have a fond appreciation for the greenery and the birds, gorgeous song birds, I must know what they are. It's funny how I have become so much more appreciative of nature once I left the coop.

ok, on to the real blogging. so, I originally wanted to title this blog ____tales or ___rants but ranting isn't the only thing I do. The information I have to share is important or even vital for the coming of a new era, brushing away the old paradigm for a healthy world and way of living. There are conversations/dialogue that need to be had, that are barely talked about or not at all. I will speak, I will have my voice be heard. I have felt so dis-empowered for so long and now, with the freedom of the blog, it will be let free!

this is just a hello post. it will flow more once I get a good rest. sorry if my grammar and vocabulary isn't completely professional but I will just type as I type, say what I say and maybe reflect in later post. I titled the blog as is because even though I am talking in the present and my wisdom is coming out today, this knowledge has been around, has always been known, though maybe not always reflected, it always was, is and always will be.